• Michael Olejko

    All work except androidmay21 because it aint may21 :)

  • RyanAE

    Here are a couple new codes for everyone:

    lizard (three battlestones)
    ivanup (ten battlestones)


  • RyanAE

    More Codes:

    susansushi (1000 gold)
    susansushi1 (1000 gold)
    rockst92 (1000 gold)
    spaceape (this one is awesome – 3 battle stones + mana vial + 1000 gold + 10 rings + relic chest (will appear next time you win a chest))


  • RyanAE

    calyptic (1000 gold)

  • Akmaie Ajam

    Tanabata7 (5 battle stones, 500 primus of each element)

  • ABe Sitorus

    I dont see any statement saying : redeem a code

  • Todd Lorenze

    there is no Redeem a code button, not anymore anyway.

  • Naveen Kumar

    I got trouble with resumed game

  • Naveen Kumar

    I got trouble with resumed battle I couldn’t deployed my soldiers or retreat also…. I couldn’t go back to my village

  • antara

    on my device i can not get this redeem code options, can you please give any suggestion that i can get that option…..