• Tyrone Phillips

    Merciless seeking sh8 and above raider rotation on request KF 83 top 500+ KS 20% gold for raider great bunch of acive players seeking to hold claymore need a bit more muscle

  • Amy

    Hello people of the RK world! The Nest needs your help to make it a more lively kingdom. We want to make sure every member of ours is happy with our kingdom. It may be a slow build to make The Nest completely filled with ACTIVE members. But if you are patient, on rk a lot, and full of commitments to help, COME JOIN US PLEASE! We need your help!

    Also, a new kingdom called: the first order, is recruiting new members to join their creed. New players please join them and watch them grow as a whole. To older players in Rk, please help them by directing new players to their kingdom.

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Jacob M

    Beer Run is rebuilding. Taking all actives. Join us for adult fun

  • Nilus40

    Great Kingdom, part of the Xiled family, has room for more active users. A Kingdom-merge is possible.
    Team name : Xiled Bandits
    SH level :: sh14+ to sh17
    Raid rules :: use all morale or slay king. Inactivity in KR without talking to Lords or Queen can get you “punted” … working on the three raids missed and you are out philosophy. Having sh in at raid time and conduits overcharged major plus.
    General event goals :: Bandits are on the low end of kingdom events and players will have to travel to different kingdoms for top prizes. (At the moment)
    Line requirement :: preferable but having communication skills is required. If there is no communication then things can get dicey, feelings get hurt and misunderstandings occurs.
    Personality generalization :: Have fun, be respectful, help those that are in need, enjoy being part of the big Xiled family.
    Spots open :: 12 atm