Ancients are one of the most important aspects of Rival Kingdoms. They are very useful on both the defensive playing field, and the offensive playing field, and they can turn the tide of battle in seconds. Each Ancient has their own strengths and weaknesses, and every Ancient has unique spells which they use in battle to destroy their opponents. They are all very different, and used for different purposes.

Ancients can be acquired through many different ways. But, one of the most common ways you will get them in this game is through chests. There are also promo codes, quests and other ways of getting them, but chests are the most common one. In the end, getting Ancients in Rival Kingdoms is more about chance than anything else.

Ancients are split into 5 different categories: Nature, Lightning, Death, Fire, and Ice.

There are 4 Ancients in each of the following categories: Death, Fire, Ice. And there are 3 Ancients in each of the following categories: Nature, Lightning.