His childhood home was the slope of a volcano. During years of death and famine, people couldn’t find no answer for their suffering, and turned to the gods. A sacrifice was demanded, and Anir, Sulric’s brother, was chosen as a gift to the gods. He would be thrown into the volcano. But, the love of two brothers drew to action, and Sulric dove into the volcano before Anir could be sacrificed.

Moments later, he rose, a fiery flame inhabiting his spirit, the fire god settled in his soul. But, the wrath of the god, for all the people sacrificed in his name, took the lives of many more, and destroyed the village as it went down in the flames.

Sulric Skills

Greater Fire Elemental

Greater elementals are prone to attacking their own masters, but Sulric has been able to resist such actions.

This skill summons Greater Fire Elementals, which ignore deploy zone restrictions. The deployed units absorb mana and turn it into power. They can gain as much as 250% bonus damage. When they die, they will explode dealing 45 damage. When upgraded, the level of the Fire Elemental increases. This skill costs 15 mana.

Blackened Armor

A spell which was used to keep Sulric’s body from being destroyed when he threw himself in the volcano.

It halves all the damage coming from magic attack and breaks debuffs for a certain amount of time. Upgrading this skill increases its duration. This skill costs 10 mana.

Level 3 – duration is 7.70 seconds
Level 8 – duration is 8.40 seconds
Level 13 – duration is 9.10 seconds
Level 18 – duration is 9.80 seconds
Level 23 – duration is 10.50 seconds
Level 28 – duration is 11.20 seconds

Rain of Fire

This is the same exact spell that Sulric and the Fire God within him used to destroy the Flame Worshippers and their village.

Fire falls down from the sky in one location, which deals 4 waves of damage. This skill costs 5 mana.

Level 2 – 4 waves of 8-11 damage. The total is 43-48 damage
Level 7 – 4 waves of 10-13 damage. The total is 50-56 damage
Level 12 – 4 waves of 11-14 damage. The total is 58-64 damage
Level 17 – 4 waves of 13-16 damage. The total is 65-72 damage
Level 22 – 4 waves of 14-18 damage. The total is 72-80 damage
Level 27 – 4 waves of 15-20 damage. The total is 72-88 damage

Flame Bolt

Deals area damage. The units affected by this skill take damage for 3 seconds. Upgrading this skill increases the damage dealt.

Level 4 – Deals 14-16 damage. Stricken enemies take 6-12 damage.
Level 9 – Deals 16-18 damage. Stricken enemies take 7-14 damage.
Level 14 – Deals 18-21 damage. Stricken enemies take 8-16 damage.
Level 19 – Deals 20-23 damage. Stricken enemies take 9-17 damage.
Level 24 – Deals 25-28 damage. Stricken enemies take 11-21 damage.
Level 29 – Deals 29-33 damage. Stricken enemies take 12-25 damage.
Level 34 – Deals 33-38 damage. Stricken enemies take 14-28 damage.
Level 39 – Deals 37-42 damage. Stricken enemies take 16-32 damage.