Buildings are a key component of Rival Kingdoms. Without them, the game wouldn’t be able to function. There are many different types of buildings in Rival Kingdoms, and each one of them serves a unique and important purpose.

The types of buildings categories you can find in Rival Kingdoms game are Defense Buildings, Army Buildings, Production Buildings and other, also important types of buildings.


They are very important for protecting your village. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself and you would quickly be destroyed.

There are 8 buildings which are in this category.

  • Watch Tower
  • Spell Tower
  • Catapult
  • Sky Watcher
  • Primus Conduit
  • Bunker
  • Arrow Launcher
  • Flare Thrower

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Also very important buildings, they serve the purpose of being the backbone of your army in Rival Kingdoms.

There are 4 buildings in this category.

  • Troop Portal
  • Blacksmith
  • Dragon Roost
  • Barracks

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Key to your economy in Rival Kingdoms. They will produce and hold most of your gold, and they are very, very important for your survival and growth.

There are 2 buildings in this category.

  • Gold Smelter
  • Gold Storage

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Other Buildings

Just because they are in this category, doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Actually, some of these are the most important buildings in Rival Kingdoms.

  • Stronghold
  • Ancients Shrine
  • Kingdom Portal
  • Builder

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