Donating to kingdom projects

You can donate to your kingdom projects by tapping on the buildings in it. When you select a building, you can find the following information:

  • What the name of the building is and what it is used for.
  • What level the project is and how much needed is for the next level.
  • All members who have previously donated to it.
  • The Help Upgrade button, which means you donate to that building if you click on it.

After you donate to it you will find the following info:

  • How much you must wait before you donate to another building.
  • The amount of loyalty points you earn from donating.
  • The total amount of gold you donated to that project.
  • The person who has donated the most to that project and the amount they donated.

If you have already decided that you want to donate to your kingdom, better go with the most important buildings a kingdom has. Those buildings are:

The Farm
If you donate to this buildings, your kingdom will be able to hold more members. The most a kingdom can hold is 50.

Council Hall
Donating here will level up the project. Every level up unlocks a new spot for the lord or lady. The max number is 6.

Raider’s Guild
Donating to this project will unlock more Raider spots.

This will increase the number of sentinels your kingdom can have. The max number is 4.

Squire Training
Squire Training donations will increase the number of squire roles. A kingdom can have a max of 4 squires.

Other important buildings in a kingdom which should receive donations are:

Troop Portal
The Troop Portal allows more troops to be donated to the members of the kingdom. If this building gets leveled up, more troops can be donated and received.

 The Watchtower
Upgrading this building will increase the health of the sentinels which will make them stronger during kingdom raids.

If you donate to this project, raiders will be able to loot more gold.

Royal Mint
When this building gets upgraded, the lords and ladies will receive more gold in normal battles.