Kingdom Raids

Joining a kingdom raid

There is a scheduled time at which kingdom raids start between two opposing kingdoms. When one starts, your home screen will see an added button called Kingdom Raid. You will also see a timer which will show the duration of the raid. When the raid gets finished, the button will disappear.

If you click on the Kingdom Raid button, you will be taken to the kingdom league screen. You will find two different informational tabs when you go to that screen. Those two tabs will be the standings of the kingdom league and the schedules of the kingdom league. The standings will show the ranking in the kingdom, and the schedule will show the raids that will happen in the following days.

You can join a kingdom through multiple ways. They are:

  • You can click on the Battle button you find in the page with the standings.
  • You can click on the Kingdom Raid button you find on the map.
  • You can click the sword icons you find on the kingdom screen.

Now you’ve joined a kingdom raid, but how do you really participate in it? What should you do when in you’re in a kingdom raid? The basic goal of a kingdom raid is to gain as many raid points you can through 24 hours. Points are received by defeating an opponent’s stronghold you find on the raid map. If you want to start a battle, you simply need to click on a base you want to attack on the map. When that base is defeated, you will be able to advance to the next one, and so on. You have 5 morales, or lives essentially, to try and destroy all of the base you can do without running out of lives. When you lose all your lives, you won’t be able to attack anymore.

  • If you want to check out a previous battle, you can use the view replay button to watch it again.
  • When you’re the first one who is attacking a base, you can use the scout button to check the layout of the base and prepare yourself better for the attack.
  • If you are attacking a hard to defeat base, troop donations are a good way to be more powerful.
  • A raid is considered finished for you when you lose all your moral points or if the king of one kingdom is defeated.

Raid Points

You can get raid points by defeating an enemy base. You are able to attack 10 bases, and with every following base you destroy, you will get a larger amount of points. If you defeat the enemy king, you will get 375 enemy points.

  • If anybody tries to leave the kingdom while a raid is happening, the raid points that player had will be deducted from the total points of that kingdom.
  • If in the end the kingdoms are tied in raid points, the one that had those points first will be the winner.

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