Kingdoms consists of various roles. Those roles are – Lord/Lady, Sentinel, Squires, Raiders, Commoners, Outcasts.


Lords/Ladies are the leadership roles of the kingdom. You can add or remove the members of your kingdom, create the banner of the kingdom, the motto, write daily messages and more. Only the king is more powerful than them.


Sentinels are the members of the kingdom that have the most difficult base to defeat. They are defensive masters. When you are a sentinel, you don’t have any abilities of managing the kingdom, but as a sentinel you will get a permanent bonus to your health (15% at the beginning and it can grow to 25%).


Squires are the members of the kingdom that have their base shielded during a kingdom raid. But, they are able to attack during raids. They can’t manage kingdoms. Usually, players who are a bit weaker will get this role.


Raiders are the members of the kingdom that gain bonus loot from normal battling (that bonus begins at 10% and can be increased.) The raider role is usually given to players who are reaching for a higher level. They can also get this role if they have donated a lot to the kingdom as a reward.


Commoners are the roles that are default in the kingdom. They don’t have any special roles, they are just members of the kingdom. You don’t get any bonus or privilege if you are a Commoner.


Outcasts are the roles that don’t have an assigned role yet. They are basically the same as commoners, they don’t get any bonuses or privileges.

  • Michael Olejko

    Could someone explain how we got a bonus upgrade to all buildings represented by the flag? I can’t find an answer anywhere.