Tracking Foreveil is the first single player campaign in Rival Kingdoms. This campaign will give you a certain number of bases that you need to defeat to find Foreveil. After each battle you will get a small amount of gold, and you will be able to advance. Basically, the objective of the campaign is to find Foreveil, and make him a part of your Ancients collection.

Single Player Campaign

You can access the Single Player Campaign in Rival Kingdoms right after you finish the tutorial. So that would be at the second level of your Stronghold. You will see this campaign named as “Tracking Foreveil“. If you click on that button, you will taken to another section where you will nodes:

Snow Hawk’s Reach

The difficulty here is easy, and your objective is to find Foreveil. This is the start of your quest.

Chillspine Peak

Your objective here is to destroy an enemy’s stronghold. It is a training battle which was made for your to better understand how battle works. The difficulty of this quest is easy.


Your objective is to destroy another base, or stronghold if you want to call it that, which is a little bit more difficult than the previous one. It won’t be very easy, but it won’t be very difficult, so basic battle knowledge is recommended. The difficulty here is easy.

The Frozen Barricade

Your objective is to destroy yet another stronghold, but now, you will meet an ancient for the first time, Birna. She is also an Ice Ancient like Foreveil, and will help you in tracking Foreveil. You can also find her in Ancient and Relic Chests. The difficulty is easy.

Endless White Glade

This node of the campaign has the difficulty of easy. Here, your objective will be to just take out another base.

Snow Leopard Outpost

The difficulty of this quest is noted as easy, but it is a more difficult than previous nodes. Make sure you upgrade your Troop portal in this node to be able to finish. Also, it is highly recommendable to have your Stronghold at least at level 4 before you start it.

Ice Bear Lodge

The difficulty of this is too noted as easy. This is the last stronghold stopping you from reaching Foreveil. You will need to have a level 4 stronghold to complete this quest. You need to upgrade your troops too. After this victory, you will reach Foreveil.

Foreveil’s Roost

This is the only of the nodes that has the noted difficulty of Normal. Your objective is straight forward, free Foreveil. You will have to battle him to get him free, because he is losing his mind due to the corruption of the Ruin. After you defeat him, he will a part of your Ancient collection.

Campaign tips

  • The campaign “Tracking Foreveil” will be available as soon as you finish the tutorial, but it is very recommendable that you become more powerful before doing it. Level 3 stronghold is best.
  • Each of the nodes in the campaign will consume a battlestone.
  • You can use Foreveil as an Ancient and as a Dragon on the roost.

  • JRichmond27

    Is there any way to go back and re-attack a campaign base if I’ve already conquered it, but didn’t get all the gold the first time through?

    • Nocturnal Alexander

      i got same problem. just wanna know how to get them back