Chests in Rival Kingdoms are some pretty valuable things. They are your main source of Ancients, and they bring a fair amount of other in game currencies. Every chest in the game has a chance of giving you an Ancient, although some give a greater chance than others. So value them dear, because they will do a lot of good things for you in Rival Kingdoms.

Rare Ancient Chest

These chests in Rival Kingdoms are very rare and bring with them great rewards. They contain Rare and Epic Ancients, very powerful creatures, which can aid you greatly in the game. They can be purchased for the price of 2,000 diamonds, which is not a small amount in Rival Kingdoms. They are literally the only way that can guarantee you an Ancient. But, the problem is, you may get duplicate ancients, so it’s a bit of a risk. But it is worth it, trust us.

Rare Boost Chest

They contain one random Rare or Epic Battle Boost. Battle Boosts are powerful things that can turn the tide of a battle against the most brutal and hardened foes, so having that ace up your slevee can make you very powerful indeed. Use those boosts to rule the shattered Kingdoms. They can be purchased for the price of 750 diamonds.

Rare Primus Chest

A chest of pure Primus ready for your Ancients. It can be purchased for the price of 500 diamonds. Use them wisely, because they can do a lot for you on the battlefield.

Silver Loyalty Chest

These chests have a random chance of giving you Ancient or Resources.They can be purchased for the price of 5,000 loyalty points. Those points can be gained through victories in Kingdom Raids, through donating to your Kingdom’s projects, or even donating troops to other players. Aegies can only be found through these chests. In the end, they are worth the points you spend for them.

Relic Chests

They are chests in Rival Kingdoms which you come across most often. Through them you will get most of your ancients. Relic Chests can be gained through victory streaks in the game. You will get them on the 4th, 8th, and after that every second streak, meaning 10, 12 and so on. They are important because you will gain them quite easily, and they are your main source for ancients, so keep those streaks alive, you will be thankful.

  • Robert Charles

    What are the coloured gems on ancients in chests, I’m asking because I’m trying to visacaria, and have noticed that the gem changes colour from chest to chest, green, purple. Just wondering if this a percentage of chance of obtaining or does it mean nothing at all.