Rival Kingdoms has within itself a variety of currencies. Those currencies are Gold, Diamonds, Rings, Mana, Loyalty and Battle Stones. They differ between themselves and have different uses.


Gold is the main currency in Rival Kingdoms. It is produced in game with the Gold Smelter and it can be gained through raids. You can also gain gold through quests and it can be bought using diamonds.

Your gold is kept in your Gold Storage, and is limited by the capacity of the Gold Storage.

You can spend gold on buildings, upgrading your troops, upgrade your Ancients, and donate to Rival Kingdoms.


Rings are the secondary currency in Rival Kingdoms. You can obtain them through completing certain quests, win raids and getting win streaks. There is no limitation to storing your rings.


Diamonds are the premium currency of Rival Kingdoms, and are difficult to obtain. You can get them through quests or you can purchase them.

You can use diamonds to cut down cooldowns and cut down construction times. You can also buy more Battle Stones.


Mana doesn’t fall under the strict definition of currency in Rival Kingdoms. It is used in battles to summon the abilities of your Ancients. Your first ability uses 5 mana, the second 10 and the third uses 15 mana.

You can gain mana by destroying buildings in battle. You can also add mana before your battle. When you destroy a defense or a production building, you get 1 mana. When you destroy an ancient shrine, you get 2 mana. When you destroy troop portals, you get up to 4 mana. When you destroy the stronghold, you get 15 mana.


This is a currency in Rival Kingdoms which measures the contribution of a player to a Kingdom.

You can gain Loyalty by Kingdom Raids, you can donate troops and projects.

Loyalty points can be spent on chests.

Loyalty points can not be bought.

Battle Stones

Battle stones in Rival Kingdoms are used for fighting or doing quests. Battle stones regenerate at a rate of 1 in 20 minutes. They can be bought, but also can be found in Chests. The price is 400 diamonds for 5 battle stones.

They are only used in normal battles, not kingdom raids.