When you play Rival Kingdoms, you will notice that there are many types of quests which you can complete in the game. Those quests can be divided into several groups. Those groups are:

Available Quests: The quests that you haven’t completed and are available for completion.

Completed Quests: All your quests that you have completed.

Achievements: Difficult quests which, when completed, will be shown on your profile on Game Centre.

Campaigns: All battle node style quests which can be completed.

Daily Quests: The quests that you can only complete the day you see them.

Weekly Quests: The quests that you can only complete in the one week.

When you finish a certain quest, you get a small reward. Depending on the difficulty, the rewards vary.

Simple Quests

When you are new to the game of Rival Kingdoms, there are many things you need to know about the game. One of those things is where you can find quests. Your first quests will be played during the tutorial. The two quests you play as an introduction to the game are:

– Fight for Gold (Fight an opponent on the Battle Map)
– Keeping Up I (Upgrade your Stronghold to Lvl 2)

During your progress through these quests, you will see two buttons pop up on your screen. The buttons will be “Show Me” and “Claim”. If you click on the “Show Me” button, you will see an arrow which will direct you to what the next point in your quest should be to come closer to completion. Once you do complete that quests, you will see the button “Claim”, which will give you a quest reward. After the quest is completed, it will, logically, be moved to the Completed tab.

Difficult quests will, next to the Completed tab, be added to your Achievement tab.

Some of the quests you will come across in Rival Kingdoms will show you a progress status. Usually, if you find yourself doing such a quest, you will have to get a certain number of something. Maybe you need to win a certain amount of battles, or get a certain amount of gold, and when you achieve that number, that quest is completed.

There are certain quests in Rival Kingdoms which will need you to do certain things before they become available. Usually, these quests are quests you did before, but are more difficult.

Daily Quests

These quests are quests which need you to complete them in one day. The rewards from Daily Quests can be accessed through the Menu on your homescreen. After every successful login, you will get daily rewards. After you complete one, there is a 22 hour cooldown before you can complete another one. When you try to see your daily quest rewards, you will see the rewards you can collect through a week. Every week, you get a special reward.

Daily Quests

Rewards differ through different Stronghold levels. If you want to progress to the next day, you must login. Otherwise, you can’t. You can only get Tokemi, the ancient, through daily rewards.

The rewards you can get for the first 28 days:

  • Day 1 = 400 Diamond
  • Day 2-6 = 500 Gold
  • Day 7 = Lyris (The common Lightning Ancient)
  • Day 8-13 = 2000 Gold
  • Day 14 = 50 Diamond
  • Day 15 – 20 = 150 Pure Primus
  • Day 21 = 100 Diamond
  • Day 22 – 27 = 300 Pure Primus
  • Day 28 = Tokemi (The Death Ancient)

Campaign Quests

Campaign quests in Rival Kingdoms are battle node quests. Campaign quests give you a set amount of bases for you to battle. When you beat a certain base, or node, you will get a small gold reward and you will then progress to the next base, or node. If you defeat all of these bases, you will finish the Campaign. When you finish a Campaign, as a reward you will get an Ancient. Currently, there are two Campaigns in Rival Kingdoms. They are “Tracking Foreveil”, which gives you Foreveil as a reward, and “Trickster’s Wake” which gives you Erasmus as a reward.

You can access Campaign quests through the main World Map. These quests can be rather difficult, so leveling up your troops and base are very important.

Quest Rewards

Different quests yield different rewards, but most often quest rewards are a mix of rings, diamonds and gold. Rings are Gold are most often proportional to the Stronghold level you probably are when completing that quest.

Most often, quests in Rival Kingdoms give a small amount of Diamonds. Diamonds are premium currency in Rival Kingdoms game.

If you desire to get Ancients through questing, you must finish Campaign quests. Additionally, there are two Ancients which can be obtained through daily quests.

The premium currency, Diamonds, in Rival Kingdoms can, among other things, be used to skip a cooldown or buy a Builder.