Rival Kingdoms is brand new and as such the story and world are evolving. Stay tuned as more details about the world of Estera Emerge!

Discover a Torn World

War is coming. The future of creation hangs in the balance. As the newest recruit to the elite ‘Guardian’ army, you are charged with defending the planet Estara against the forces of the Ruin.

How did it come to this? Explore the history of the Darkening and you’ll discover that this is a war whose origin lies before the very start of time itself.

Story and characters by Rhianna Pratchett, lead writer of Tomb Raider.

The Celestial Siblings

In the time before time, the celestial siblings Maia the Creator and Nihilim the Destroyer fought each other for dominance of the cosmos. Maia triumphed and the realms of existence were born.

But the forces of destruction were not extinguished. Nihilim’s army returned to settle an old score with Maia, unmaking her universe one realm at a time.


Nihilim’s army, known as the Ruin, set out to destroy a rare and powerful substance known as Primus. These crystals of pure energy buried deep within the earth contained the very essence of creation.

But Maia had prepared for this and created great beings known as Ancients who derived their power from the Primus. These legendary creatures waged war against the Ruin across the cosmos. But as their powers weakened, it looked like the time of the Ancients was at an end.


But then a beacon shone out through the darkness from the planet Estara. For in that place there was an abundance of Primus.

The mortal inhabitants of Estara had built special shrines directly on top of the Primus seams which became doorways for the Ancients. The forces of the Ruin followed them through these portals however, and another conflict loomed.

The First Darkening

The great battle that followed was known as ‘The First Darkening’ during which Ancient, Ruin and mortal forces all but wiped each other out.

When the fighting drew to a close, the Ancient shrines were dismantled so neither Ancient nor Ruin could enter Estara again. The few Ancients that remained became weak and dormant and the mortals that inhabited Estara gradually rebuilt their civilization without their aid.

A new Darkening

In the centuries that followed there was peace. But little by little the Ruin found their way back to Estara and a new Darkening loomed.

The inhabitants of Estara knew they couldn’t defeat the Ruin on their own but must reactivate the shrines and bring the Ancients back. A new alliance must be forged for, whether they like it or not, the fates of both Ancients and mortals are inexorably tied together.